How to Become a Member:

All questions on how to become a member of The Needham Women’s Club can be answered in further detail by our Membership Chair. The Membership Chair Person for 2014-2015 are Suzanne Saevitz and Cindy Wolfe. Please email Suzanne at or Cindy at for more information.

Volunteer expectations: Members are asked to volunteer at least 8 hours a year:

  • Two hours at our Holiday House Tour (Usually the first Sunday in December.)
  • Six hours on Club projects or events of the member’s choice. This may include: The Needham Grand Tasting in April, The Needham Garden Tour in June, Christmas Eve Visits from Santa, Baked Goods for the Vets, Needham’s Traveling Meals Program, Circle of Hope Volunteer and many more.

Dues for the first year of membership are $60 and include your name badge. (Those joining in December or later pay first year dues of $30.) Dues thereafter are $50/year. Dues are payable to Needham Women’s Club.


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